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The sprinklers come with compact design, glass bulb type, available in several different finished and temperature ratings. The pendent sprinklers must be installed in pendent position and upright sprinklers are to be installed in the upright position, mostly above false ceiling.

Pendent Recessed Sprinklers are installed with adjustable or non-adjustable Escutcheon plates (also termed as rosette plates). These are intended to be installed with finished ceilings, Escutcheon plate adjustment provides, convenience in Pendent, Sprinkler installation in case of areas with finished ceilings or walls.

Type of sprinklers available: Pendent, Upright, Concealed Type & Sidewall

End connection: ½” BSPT or NPT (optional)

Temperature ratings: 57, 68, 79, 93, 141 & 182 Deg. C

Temperature Classifications: Ordinary (57 & 68 Deg. C), Intermediate: 79 & 93 Deg. C High: 141 Deg. C & Extra High 182 Deg. C

Response Type: Standard Response & Quick Response or Fast Response.

Note: All sprinklers operation required Pipeline system with Automatic starting operation of Pump sets. (Motor Driven or Engine Driven)

Approval: UL & FM