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"Fire is an external sign of chemical action, usually the combination of Carbon and Hydrogen with Oxygen, resulting in the release of heat energy".

Fire is a necessary evil. When fire is under human's control, it is a great asset. If human is under fire's control, fire is a devastating foe.

If fire occurs, how best can it be dealt with to extinguish.

Firstly by adopting the right mental attitude. With knowledge and ability, a fire fighter can attack a fire in the right manner and, by knowing its weakness, extinguish it in a short time. Without knowledge and ability, the fire will find out their weakness. For fire is a foe, against which no liberties can be taken. Fire should not be thought of as an intimate object. Fire, which starts unseen as a small flicker of flame, may grow at such a pace that it can quickly get out of hand. Once found, it must be extinguished with all the speed and means available or it will destroy those who seek to restrain it. Fire, when apparently extinguished, some untrained person may assume that because the flames have gone, the danger is passed, but it may not be so.

Secondly by considering each fire as an individual occurrence, the correct action in each case will depend on the position of the fire, the combustibles involved and the combustibles, which are in danger of becoming involved. There is no hard and fast rule; one who has the knowledge and training can only assert the correct action.

Thirdly by ensuring that properly maintained appliances are available for personnel to use and that all fire fighting systems are in fully operational order.

With the rapid growth of the industries and expansion of cities, fire hazards have also increased. Through considerable attention is being paid by the authorities concerned towards fire prevention and fire protection, a possible outbreak of fire cannot be detected and forestalled without an Automatic Fire Alarm System. In the absence of such a system, it is also not possible to ensure (a) an immediate transmission of call on the fire brigade in the event of an outbreak of fire in any premises during the closed hours, and (b) an effective control of a fire in the incipient stage, with the help of first aid and fire appliances.

An Automatic Fire Alarm and Extinguishing System function through different type of detectors distributed in the premises to be protected, which causes the alarm to be actuated automatically, whenever there is possibility of a fire breaking out or immediately upon the outbreak of fire. The system helps evacuation of the premises, and extinguishes the fire as quickly as possible.