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Fire alarm

Supported by some of the biggest manufacturers in the industry using conventional Fire Alarm Equipments and Analogue Addressable System with the networkable and non networkable. The above systems may also connected with PA system if required.


The sprinkler system were provided for office area, Industrial Ware House, Production blocks, R & D Areas based on the suitable requirement of thie risk needs. The above system offered in two types viz., Hydraulic calculation as per FM/UL/NFPA standard and as per NBC requirements.


The Access control system provided mainly to the software& industries and to their movement restriction of their staffs along with attendance and visitors monitoring. The system were offered with Turnstile equipments, Flap barriers, Wicket gates for personal access and Boom barrier type for vehicular access


Medium Velocity systems are used for switch yard,Power stations. Such as Auto transformers, Reactors, Cable Gallery ,cellar room and Coal conveyors. The HVWS System used in LPG Bullets,spheres, HSD Tanks and other inflammable liquid tanks.

Passive Fire Protection

The PF Systems are coated with non flammable material on the bunch of cable, control cables in the cement/power plants to contain the fire to spreading from one area to the other. The sealant type materials were used in the openings of cavity from one area to the adjoining areas. This is the effective system to contain itself.


We provide the FIRE HYDRANT SYSTEM BASED ON THE REQUYIREMENTS OF NBC/ NFPA STANDARDS. The above system consists of hydrant valves, hose reels and the requisite capacity of hoses to fight the incident from the outside of the building. The said system will also be connected with wet risers system for the buildings inside.

Fire Tender Vehicles

We manufacturer / repairing /servicing the trailer pumps, fire vehicles, foam tender vehicle, DCP tenders and all type of moving vehicles- Such as mobile foam trolleys with foam monitors and based on the requirements we design and make/ provide the vehicles.

Security Systems

We provide security system in wired type along with wireless and the same can be accessed / controlled monitored by web services at anywhere. The sensors for the security systems will be designed as per the needy and their requirement.


We provide CCTV with elite brands and for their impeccable service to the needy cluster with high end integration and the same can be vouched for their endurance and for their expertise with constantly up gradation.